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Bellhop is a Print & Play board game, where 2 players place and flip cards on a grid. Based on games such as Otthelo, the goal of the game is to get as many cards of your colour face-up, and score as many points as you can!

Developed over the course of a few days as an university assignment, the team consisted of the following distinguished gentlemen:

  • Guillermo Regueiro & Raquel Carranza, who mainly took part in the design & ruleset of the game itself.
  • Federico Fitch & Jaime Hall, taking up the duties of testing & game balancing.

Meanwhile, I took charge in creating most of the art & illustrations for the game, as well as its webpage.

Install instructions

The file includes a pdf version of the game board, the game rules, an image of the board for reference, and -if you want the complete Bellhop experience-  an image of our card back, to put in any card sleeve you wish!

Thanks for downloading our game, and enjoy!


Bellhop.zip 1 MB

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