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Ahhh... The thrill of travelling at several miles per hour, traversing varied landscapes and reaching exciting destinations... Wait, why is my car a cube?

Cube Race is a single player car simulation made in late May 2016 in Unreal Engine 4, in wich you encarnate a "car" that travels through 3 different levels, each showcasing a new mechanic while having a distinct look and feel. 

The game itself features tight car controls (similar to the ones seen in the Mario Kart Saga), a puzzle with 2 possible outcomes, a boss fight with 3 stages, and partial controller support. Everything is packed together with the wonders of level streaming and a dynamic soundtrack, that changes depending on wich level you're in.


Reach the elevator on each stage to move to the next one. The yellow tiles are checkpoints, and anything that is red can kill you. It is also recommended not to move too cautiously, as some impulse is needed to reach the other side of a pit when going through a ramp.

Controls (Keyboard)

W,A,S,D: Car movement 

Controls (Gamepad)

Left Bumper: Forward Movement

Right Bumper: Backward Movement

Left Thumbstick: Strafing and Horizontal Movement


Cube_Race_Windows_32_bit.zip 80 MB

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