Playing with the big boys now

I'm not very sure how we got to this point, tbh.

What started as a feeble prototype during 2016's summer ended up as one of the most successful projects I've ever started. We've had many changes in our team during development, and yet we still managed to push through, despite facing some struggles along the way.

And after a rushed (but rather polished) vertical slice, we've been selected as semi-finalists in the Playstation Talents; as such, we've been invited to show and promote Dimlands at one of the biggest videogame events in Spain, the Barcelona Games World. 

We also found out that we're one of the youngest teams ever sent there. I'm nearly shaking as I'm typing this, because I can barely grasp what has been happening around me. For the last 2 weeks, I've been having nightmares, and have worked on the game and organizing the trip nonstop, mostly ignoring or doing the bare minimum on the side of studies. This thing has been gnawing my mind eversince I received the e-mail inviting us to the event. Is this the so-called "gamedev experience"? Despite all of that, I've never felt so complete in those days. Not really happy, but complete. I'm truly glad to have found something that makes me feel purposeful and adds meaning to my life.

With that rant over, I offer you the build that shall be presented at the event. As it usually happens, a few bugs might have squeezed in, so be on the watch for glitches and some trouble with the save file system. Despite that though, I'm sure you will enjoy what we have cooked up for this special occasion.

Happy exploring!


Dimlands - Playstation Talents 158 MB
Oct 04, 2017

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