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Dimlands tells the story of an overly-ambicious explorer, lead into the deepest and darkest paths of a misterious pyramid by the promess of gold and fame, with only the dim light of a torch to keep him company... Little does he know that a sinister and unspeakable secret awaits him at the heart of the seemingly abandoned ruins. 

About the Game

Inspired by old-school isometric games such as Knight Lore, this version of the game packs most of the basic mechanics for the final product, including several types of traps, various kinds of items and consumables, and a diverse array of endings, wich will vary depending on how the player died, or how much money he was carrying when he got out of the pyramid.

Born as a prototype in early summer 2016, Dimlands is a student project made possible by the constant struggles and efforts of its members. 

The team includes the following individuals:

  • Raquel Carranza - Lead Artist
  • Luis Chillón - Level Designer
  • Javier Irala - Level Designer
  • Víctor Muñoz - Composer
  • Tomás Patiño  - Lead Programmer and Producer

After a year and a half in development, we've been nominated as contenders at the Playstation Talents 2018, wich will be celebrated in Barcelona, Spain. The version of the game that you are about to download is the demo that was showcased at the event.


Explore the pyramid and collect as much gold as you can. Unlock all the possible upgrades by finding the exit and unlocking shortcuts!

The time you have left before the torch runs out is represented by the clock on the top left of your screen. You can replenish that timer with the yellow bottles that are all over the pyramid.

Controls (Keyboard)

  • W, A, S, D - Move
  • Spacebar - Jump
  • E - Interact / Pick up Item
  • R - Use Item

Controls (Xbox Controller)

  • Left Thumstick - Move
  • A - Jump
  • X - Interact / Pick up Item
  • B - Use Item

Install instructions

Dimlands currently has 2 versions of the demo:

The Playstation Awards Edition, showcased at the Barcelona Games World 2017 Fair, is the first refined proof of concept to be released. It has quite a lot of rooms and branching paths (making playtime quite long). But some of the levels lack refinement, causing some balancing issues. If you have a preference for quantity over quality, this is the version you want.

The Fun & Serious Edition, showcased at Bilbao's 2017 event of the same name, features more detailed particles and materials, as well as considerably reducing playtime and making the overall experience a bit easier and better paced. Recommended if you want a smaller, but better controlled experience.


Dimlands - Playstation Awards Edition.zip 160 MB
Dimlands - Fun & Serious Edition.zip 386 MB

Development log


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Dimlands was really fun! Here's some gameplay of it! 

What am I supposed to do with the yellow bottles I pick up? At one point my torch turns off and I die, I wonder is it because I'm running out of oxygen?


Hey there!

The yellow bottles are meant to give you more time for your torch (wich is indicated by the clock on the top left of the screen). There's also a green wine bottle hidden in the level, wich helps you recover some sanity (the red spiral) at the cost of making you a bit tipsy, see if you can find it!

I'll update the description as soon as possible to include those tips. 

Until then, cheers, and thanks for trying out Dimlands!