W, A, S, D - Move your character

Left Mouse Button - Materializer Beam 

Right Mouse Button - Activator Beam (used to activate some machines in the facility)

R - Restart the game

About the Game

Hidden in an unknown location, even to it's employees, a desperate worker tries to escape the abandoned facility of the Grey Matter Company by using the remaining materializer gun prototype, capable of altering the properties of materials.

Made over the course of 2 weeks, this prototype showcases some gameplay based on Portal 2's repulsion gel, wich I tried to mimic with unity, to some success.

The game itself features 2 main mechanics, 3 puzzles, and a "plot twist" (if you wanna call it that). I might come back to this, since there were many more features integrated in the game (a speaker system, level streaming,  subtitles, etc.), most of wich not included because of time constraints.


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I love it! Short but with a lot of potential !=)