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Food tastes are really varied, and communicating how much you love what you eat can be really problematic, especially when the person you're speaking with doesn't express itself in the same language as you.

About the game

Mac Monster is a time management game in wich you play as the owner of a new burguer stand in a world full of strange monsters, with the task to serve the right kind of food as "humanly" fast as possible. 

This game was completed early 2016, and was made using Game Maker Studio. The team members at the time were the following:

  • Raquel Carranza - Lead Artist
  • Alejandro Peralta - Lead Designer
  • Unai Santos - Programmer
  • Alberto Moreno - Sound Designer
  • Tomás Patiño (me) - Lead Programmer 


Select the ingredients accordingly to make the burger that the client wants (wich can be different from what he asks). Once you're done with the order, select the finished burger to pack it and click the "ready" button. 

Unfortunately, the game itself is in spanish, so it might be a bit difficult to see the catch with each costumer if you're not fluent with it.

  • MoonEyes are straight forward, what they ask for is what they want.
  • Asymmetric Bulls don't like it when things are even, so the bread on top must be different than the one at the bottom.
  • Slimesauces don't tell you what sauce they like, but their color might tell it for ya.
  • Dislexicows will always want the opposite of what they ask.


Left Mouse Button - Selecting Items or Ingredients


Mac Monster.exe 27 MB

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