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A wave-based shoot'em up, where 3 distinct characters facing against an army of blobs. Each character has its own weapon (with custom projectile behavior!), appearance and stats.


  • Click on a character to select them.
  • Click on an enemy to shoot them.
  • Once the selected weapon has fired, it will enter cooldown.
  • Characters can't be selected when they are in cooldown.
  • After clearing a wave, you will be able to upgrade one of the characters.
  • If a character dies, it will remain down until the end of the game.
  • If all 3 characters die, the game ends.
  • Alt+F4 to quit the game.


Besides the overall game design, wich was a team effort, the responsabilities were shared in the following manner:

  • Character and weapon sprites / Overall Balancing: Raquel Carranza.
  • Monster and upgrade sprites / Wave design: Federico Fitch.
  • Game programming / UI & Weapon design: Tomás Patiño.

The background music is an 8-bit remix of Yooka-Laylee's Moodymaze Marsh Minecart Theme, made by Mike Stoney.


RPGunner.zip 89 MB

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